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Thread: is being submitted in mma embarssing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosi View Post
    Nope, if you look unconscious and you're not giving the referee any response when he asks "are you ok?" then he's right to stop the fight, whether or not you've actually passed out.

    I've seen it work in training, but really not a good idea... you don't want to be the boy that cried wolf and end up as a vegetable if one day you happen to get choked out for real.
    Good point, thanks for clearing that up Rosi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    Although I do recall bas Rutten saying he used to make choking noises when in a guillotine when he wasnt in trouble to blag his oppo
    Eddie Bravo also says on his competition DVD (twister) that in a grappling tourney he was up by a few points but was caught in a choke that was'nt deep, so he started making choking noises so his opponent would keep trying to crank it on rather than go for the sweep which would have made them even on points. (or something along those lines)
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