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Thread: Knock Down MMA (No Head Shots)-8th November

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    Default Knock Down MMA (No Head Shots)-8th November

    Knock Down MMA -8th November
    We have decided to start the no headshot events up again
    All details can be found on the Knock Down site
    Check it out and sign up now!

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    Does anyone see the irony of a show being called "Knock down MMA" with no head shots

    Good luck though

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    Quote Originally Posted by kainer2 View Post
    Does anyone see the irony of a show being called "Knock down MMA" with no head shots
    You dont just have to strike the head to get a knock down LOL

    But thanks for the support anyway

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    Only kidding m8

    UK MMA need more shows like it

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    Great to see more of these events.

    Best of luck with it.

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    Combat grappling IMHO of a well respected mma member.

    Good luck with the event!
    Insert whiny message

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    20 pounds is a bit steep, and why no featheweight? i will probably go to this though

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    mr picket dropped Mr jasbutis with a body shot

    good luck with the event i think no headshot mma is a perfect starting ground for some fighters

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    Just a reminder that this is going on , the last few of this type of rules were a real success and a great day for all who attended

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    I wish id have fought in a no head shot competition!.... I might not have to hide the trophy with 2nd on it in my wardrobe!! God.

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