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Thread: Basilisk the stalker !

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydarrell View Post
    Poor basilisk he can't get me out of his head ! His takeover is dedicated to
    following me around. I understand. He's a street crim who has to slip a pill
    in to a girls drink to get at her vagina. He probably hangs around outside
    schools with a hoodie on offering girls some smarties.
    Jay , your obsession with peadophilia is quite worrying.......seriously

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydarrell View Post
    Logically your a street crim basilisk.
    Evidently the education system has failed.

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    Jay Darrell calling someone else a stalker? What would Sophie say? ME

    "That was how i got my first soapy titwank!
    Listening is cool and shit." BlackdogMMA

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