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Thread: A Basilisk

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    They made an anime about me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basilisk View Post
    They made an anime about me?
    Haha yeah, remember that time you got drunk went to japan and fought fot some ninja scrolls?


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    Oh yeah!!!!

    I forgot all about that.

    My stage name was Gennosuke if I remember right.
    And it showed my ninja eye powers.

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    Crazy times, I still need to find out how you got on after Vol.1, you think your going to be welcomed to the rival tribe but something tells me its not going to go well!

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    No it doesn't. I had to kill that bitch I was fucking with but I died too, which sucked.

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    Seeing this thread reminded me of the great rap battle threads from ages ago, and while I'm bored I thought I'd do one of my own regarding our matey Basilisk and his arch nemesis Gay D. Enjoy....or not.

    Basilisk a real nigga, Badder than Michael,
    Stoppin fools reachin they goals like Pete Schmeichel,
    Us knowin' his real I.D ? It aint happenin son,
    Like Gay D gettin 5Gs from Sophie Anderton.
    Speakin of Gay D, where the fuck that midget go ?
    He prolly in Tokyo, teaching trannies Tae-Bo.
    For payment he gettin rim jobs and wanks,
    Fuckin' specky fake ass dwarf version of Billy Blanks.


    * crosses arms and cocks head to one side *

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    Hahaha...that's pretty good Jamie Taylor...pretty good.....

    You've come on leaps since the old days of Cage Warriors Rap Battles.

    Remember that Chinese/Manchunian rapper bwahahahaaaa?

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