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Thread: News Concerning Ross "The Boss" Mason

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    Default News Concerning Ross "The Boss" Mason

    Contrary to local radio news reports this morning which stated that Ross “The Boss” Mason had died after receiving stab wounds outside a Birmingham Nightclub; we can now announce that these reports were incorrect.

    However we are able to confirm that Ross Mason was found in the early hours of this morning with serve head injuries and had initially died as he was taken to Alexandra Hospital in Redditch. However he was resuscitated at the Hospital and is presently in a critical condition in the ICU Unit.

    Earlier today Marc Goddard was taken into an office at the Liverpool Olympia and was informed of Ross' death, due to these incorrect media reports. Goddard and his Management then decided he would not fight later tonight at Cage Gladiators, because he wanted to be with Ross' family as they are close personal friends.

    Goddard was then taken back to Birmingham only to be told that Ross had not died but was in a "critical state" on a life support machine. This has only added to Marc's turmoil and it would be an understatement to say that his mind was not connected with fighting at this time.

    Everybody at Warrior Promotions and Cage Warriors are deeply saddened by this incident and our thoughts are with Ross, his family and friends during this dreadful ordeal. We also hope he will be able to pull through this and make a full recovery.

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    hope he pulls through.

    come on THE BOSS!!!

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    fucking hell!! my thoughts are with ross and his family he is a strong lad i hope he can pull through this!
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    Holy shit. I don't know Ross personally so I state nothing on a personal level but I hope firstly for his full recovery and health - and excuse me for saying I'll actually pray for him too. I hope we collectively support all who know Ross, all who know Marc and other friends and family.

    My thoughts and wishes with you all.

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    I hope he pulls through ok

    thoughts with him and family
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    that's awful. ross is a really nice guy. hope he makes a full recovery - Part of the Bristol Alliance

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    im sad to hear this wish Ross the best for a quick recovery WME-IMG

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    Bloody hell! Hope for a full recovery. Ross is a super lad.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with Ross and his family

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    Best wishes to the man and his family n friends, hope he pulls through

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