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Thread: Looking for a REALLY GOOD MMA gym

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordanmc8 View Post
    Willing to go abroad if they have accommodation as long as its a really good gym, yea we have chikara 7ks in Lincoln but its shutting down and i dont know of any pro's that it has produced
    Hi Jordan.Im in Lincoln too and have trained for about 2years in mma.Ive trained and fought against chikara fighters but dont recall your name,sorry!

    if you leave your mobile/contact number i can arrange for a couple of places you could get a bit more experience,but as you(and me)are realising, Lincolnshire is very new to and limited in mma.

    I train at Impact gym in sleaford,were we are all relative novices but can definately give you some good sparring and conditioning work.Also Bracebridge boxing club on sat afternoons,were it is more rough and ready sparring with boxers and wrestlers,but good fun and still useful at your stage.

    Hope that helps,your more than welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stapesmk1 View Post
    Sorry to hear the gym is closing. But there is no reason why you cant go to a gym in the UK and be totally focussed. Is that beyond you? You have loads more developing to do before a trip abroad would be beneficial. You'll receive the same level of training at your level here. We have some of the best striking coaches in the world, enough BJJ black belts and high level coaches to learn from and a multitude of high level MMA clubs with great wrestling and submission coaches.

    Are your reasons for wanting to train abroad more to do with kudos rather than logic? Put the graft in here first mate.

    Well said.

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    I recall myself creating a thread like this after i watched Never Back Down for the first time

    As bloodyalways said, Impact Martial Arts is a very good place for submission grappling.

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    Ive been going to clubs for a while now and im still rubbish! Have you had any fights? Why so bothered about the move abroad if your so tallented why not stay in the uk to train?

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    I can understand wanting to go abroad. Don't forget, he's 17, who didn't think about travelling when they were that age? But I would say leave it another year to build up basic skills before you travel abroad, or you might not benefit as much from your time there.

    Are you working full time or in college? If your working then maybe find a decent local place then hop on a train every couple of weeks to somewhere more well established? Or if ur still in education maybe look for schools in areas with more gyms os something
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