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Thread: Sending parcels to Afghanistan?

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    Default Sending parcels to Afghanistan?

    Hey everyone..

    I have a mate in the Marines who is in Afghanistan at the moment, and he's there for around another 4 months until he's home for R&R. The thing is, its his 21st birthday on December 29th, and I'm after sending him a parcel full of shit he might need, nothing stupid, just things like clean socks, toothpaste, deoderant etc etc, all things I'm sure he would appreciate while he's out there.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has sent something there before, and if theres a weight limit, or certain things you can't send etc.

    Also any other ideas on things I could send him would be helpful!

    Thanks in advance, any help appreciated!

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    Can't help you with that but hope you're mate's ok out there!

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    u missing ur boyfriend?

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