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Thread: MMA Training Middlesbrough

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    Default MMA Training Middlesbrough

    New on here so first off hello to everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good BJJ trainer or gym in or around middlesbrough, i have some experince with boxing and kickboxing and am set on the idea that i'd like to get into mma on an ametuer/semi pro level.

    I know of a few places training MMA so i'm just putting the feelers out for anyone i may have missed.

    any help would be greatly appreciatted.

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    Team Akurei at Stockton thai out the back of the high street. Or Cliff at Ormsby bank. These are your best best pm if u need any more details.

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    try cliff at boro jujitsu club mate on ormseby bank mate hes a really gd trainer and has plenty of time for you and if you want muay thai theres teesside mauy thai club in stockton which is very gd aswell especially for your stand up game

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    The mma classes at Teesside Thai are class, only started there a couple of months ago but have been skint lately, but definitely worth getting yourself there mate.

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    cheers lads,

    cliff's been in touch and sent me info so i'm gonna nip down and have a look this week.

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    theres a good BJJ/MMAclub in thornaby
    BJJ Brown Belt
    MMA Referee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoppsy View Post
    cheers lads,

    cliff's been in touch and sent me info so i'm gonna nip down and have a look this week.
    hello im new to this forum and im intrested to start grapling have you got that clifs number so i can get in touch and hopefully start as soon as posible cheers

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    More information Contact Cliff
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    Angry Skincare (23)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon-Leggy View Post
    Now mate, you wont need Cliff's number you will get all the information here.

    Sessions are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday's 7.00pm - 9.00pm

    Get yourself there all the lads are sound so you'll fit in no problem. There are beginners there so youll pick it up in no time.

    Hope this helped bud.
    orite thats great mate is there alot of grapling goin on there and have you got the address and how much are the seasons

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