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Thread: Friday 13th remake trailer

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    Default Friday 13th remake trailer

    Just stop remaking every old horror PLEASE

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    the reviews ive read have shocking to say the least

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    I love slasher flicks, but really can't see the point of this. I would rather of just seen the next installment of the series than some cock eyed perspective of how the first film should of been done.

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    does this mean they will remake all 20something sequls too

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    Quote Originally Posted by sol_dave View Post
    the reviews ive read have shocking to say the least
    reviews ? It hasnt even been made yet has it ?

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    Yeah, that's what I was about to say. The trailer looks pretty good...

    It is like 25% production, lol. Give them a break :P
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    Just leave well alone thats what i say

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