i have been watching the Kent Open crew getting organised over the last few weeks
and can promise this is going to be an awesome event.

It will be the using the fantastically fair 'repecharge' system so everyone is guarenteed
more than one fight in their bracket.

The venue is the best Judo facility in the UK,built by UK SPORT for millions of pounds.

The Faixa Rua T shirts that every competitor will receive arrived this week and those guys have made
an awesome t shirt that everyone will want to wear.

The Close of Registration is tommorow and i urge you all not to miss a competition that we are striving to
make one of the best in the World for Jiu Jitsu.

Please don't ask questions on this thread-ask them on the other threads.
Just use this thread to show your support for the event-
a 'ttt' or an 'ooosss' would be nice

And thankyou to all the guys who are working so hard to get this organised so it runs like a machine.