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    wow, what a great show, 21 fights and only a few that didn't hold my attention (non-grapplers, stop trying to grapple lol)

    the atmosphere was ace with lots of local fighters, yet the crowd remained for the most part very respectful if their fighter lost and rightly deserved the round of applause mr freeman suggested they give themselves.

    the venue was a fantastic setup, central cage surrounded by a large number of tables and seats behind that, backed up by two large projection screens and numerous plasma tvs to follow the action. with a balcony for vips and fighters to watch the action.

    the show ran really smooth, officials were looked after and the promoters seemed to be on top of the game to keep the large number of fights flowing.

    what can i say about irving/weichel, was a technical battle. a few times i thought irving was done for only to reverse position and threaten with subs and gnp himself. sheer determination i think saw him through in the end, and he looked impressive at WW. as other people have said, contender for UK fight of the year for sure, and well worth the price of buying the dvd for that fight alone!

    some awesome reffing from neil hall, a man who truly cares about what he's doing and strives for the very best. imo he didn't put a foot wrong all night.

    all in all a fantastic show, i just wish it was held a bit nearer to me!
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    Default Strike and Submit

    Totally agree it was a fantastic show and thanks mate for the very kind comments, I truly appreciate that

    Neil Hall - Operations Director

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    Agree - Possibly the best show I have seen next to UFC of course.

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    Strike and Submit is a great show.

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