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Thread: Kent Open Female Divisions

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    Default Kent Open Female Divisions

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    Females **

    Caoimhe McGill – Purple Absolute – (Carlson Gracie Revolution Team)
    Esther Tang - Purple (ECBJJ)

    Female light blue -64 **

    Emma Baker – Blue - 64kg (Combat Academy)
    Pippa Granger - Blue - Absolute (ECBJJ)
    Dominique Vitry (RGA)

    Female light white -64 **

    Meg Smitley White – 64kg (Dartford MMA)
    Chun-yee Cheng – White - 53.50kg (RGA)
    Jessica Rabbit -64 (checkmat)
    Paula Carolina Remansso (checkmat)
    Pardeep sajjan (Gracie Barra Braulio Estima)
    Jai Chan - 64kg (Carlson Gracie Revolution Team)
    Sheetha Uddin (Checkmat) White 64kgs

    Female heavy white **

    Sarah Merriner – white 84kg – London Fight Factory
    Caroline Hansen – white – 84kg (NKC X Gym)
    Judit Toth – White – Heavy (Carlson Gracie Revolution Team)
    Sarah Merriner-84 (checkmat)
    Ediliana Peruch Ribeiro -79 (checkmat)
    Tiffany Silva Netto 90kg (Carlson Gracie Revolution Team)
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    Is Caoimhe McGill not an irish girl?

    Is she based with Carlsons in London now?

    Seen her roll a few times..awesome technique and great competitor

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    Caihome's club is part of Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team
    which is headed by Rodrigo Medeiros.

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    excellent..thanx simon

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