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    over the years i've been traveling back n forward to the uk training with various groups and going to different compeitions. one thing i've noticed, especially in the last 18mths or so is the amount of new bjj clubs/associations. is there anywhere with a comprehensive list of the bjj clubs now operating within the uk?

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    No, even i am not square enough to maintain such a list.

    But give this a look:

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    This is probably the most comprehensive list -

    Also check out Slideyfoot's list (based on the info from the above forum -


    Damn - JSho beat me to it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Tapsalot View Post

    Damn - JSho beat me to it...
    lol, you can't beat J Sho!!! -

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    had no idea that there was that many clubs! thanks guys

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    just buy a gi, think of a name and form your own.

    anyone can do, its real easy.

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