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Thread: Boxing Gloves help

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    Default Boxing Gloves help

    Hi, im looking to buy some new boxing gloves as ive been using a shitty pair from jjb sports and the quality is pretty crap to be honest there wearing away.

    i have large hands, and im pretty big hitter so thinking 18oz maybe better over 16oz what do you think?

    im looking at these 2 gloves, does anybody no which is best in terms of quality/price and are they hard or soft as ive seen some kickboxing gloves in the past that seemed very soft which i dont really like.



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    imo sandee are your best bet mate from
    jon edge

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    and size depends on what you want them for pads an competition use 10oz sparrin use 16-18oz
    jon edge

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    I agree, Sandee are the way to go and you can do a lot worse than fightshop

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    Myself I'd go for Twins - I run an online store myself so I'm shooting myself in the foot here but with boxing gloves I'd say your best bet is always to try them on before you buy, I'm sure there will be a hald fecent sports shop selling Sandee and Twins etc gloves.

    Case and point, I bought a pair of Twins that I hated, no one could understand why, just didnt feel right - got a new pair of Twins and love them, have lasted me well over a year and are still going strong!

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    I use 16 ounces for sparring and bags, the cloths i use are not a popular brand but i love them, its what works for you. And you use 10 in the competition. When you make the transition from a heavy glove to the 10oz your hands feel so fast.

    I have been advised to buy some weighted cloths. Does anyone know where i can get them.

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    Twins gloves are pretty good!

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    Rich try going to power house fitness in notts they have gloves in there and they had sandee but that was ages ago.
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