And so it continues, games into movies, utter dog shite.

Anyone who has played the games Max Payne 1 and 2 will understand it has one of the coolest and darkest story lines ever, not only that the game's were fantastic to play, the main character in the game was brilliant.

In the movie you kick straight off with Mark Whalberg playing Max Payne and instantly you think "wrong choice". It only get's worse from there on.

Clearly noone who directed the film has been bothered to play the game, they have somehow turned a dark themed action fest into a slow boring drama?

Max Payne the movie joins my all time movie dissapointment list, not quite as poor as AvP2 but not far off.

Do NOT go see this in the cinema people, download it for free because that is all it's worth!

My score 4/10