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Thread: Max Payne

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    I thought they were both 6/10 films but that's probably because i never played the games of either of them.

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    never played the game but watching the film. and so far its pretty shit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun.R. View Post
    never played the game but watching the film. and so far its pretty shit!
    dont waste your time, about 90mins ill never get back.

    looking forward to Halo movie in 2009
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    movie is piss poor and does not have the same feel to the game

    its like Punisher all over again. A dark and gory killing blood fest of guns and Drills turns into a Pussyfied cash cow
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    Watched Max Payne.

    Horse shit, utter, utter horseshit.

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    doom was awefull, surely its not worse then that?
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    Yeah, as bad as Hitman was, it's much better than Max Payne, which has absolutely zero redeemable features. EVery single aspect of this movie is awful; it looks shite, the story's shite, the wardrobe's shite, the acting's shite blahblahblahblah

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    Stopped watching MP after about 45mins. Painful.

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    Loved the games so not going to watch the film since every single person i know who has seen it has said its complete dog shit
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