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Thread: This Is Basilisks House

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    Default This Is Basilisks House

    Im Like Royce Gracie In The Pride Gp After Fighting Takada. This Is My House. Duchman Takeover, My Bjj Takes Over
    Insert whiny message

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    BJJ sucks dude. It's for gays.
    Get yourself some karate and you might make an impact.

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    Upload a video of you walking around like Corey saying 'this is my home and this is my zone' and it is yours
    "When you're not training; somebody else is training to kick your ass."
    Part of Team Savage. Trained by Alex 'The Boy' Owen:

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    this is my church, this is where i heal my hurts
    Genetically Different.

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    There should be an election with youtube speaches etc of why you'd be the best at the job!

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    I thought it was Enoue who was all "This is my home - and if you try and enter my home... I'm gonna KICK yourrrrr azzzz"
    "Awww, so you lost darling - but it's the taking part that counts" My Mum... thanks for nothing Mum.

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    I though Royce said it in the build up to the Hughes fights?

    "This ees my house, I beeld eet"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plastikman View Post
    I though Royce said it in the build up to the Hughes fights?

    "This ees my house, I beeld eet"
    lol also.. i forgot that one..
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    Default This Is My House

    This is what I have on my tape:

    Home by Smantha Micelli

    Home...what makes a house a home?

    An island range, an indoor grill

    Oh, what a thrill

    A stepsaver kitchen

    Sure is b-------

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