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Thread: Venting Some Steam

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    Default sorry to hear that

    sorry to hear that dude, theres a lot of pricks about! Maybe next time you could go with the entire class lol, that could put up a better arguement.
    When I was on the way home there was a prick on the train pissing everyone off, y'know the type? with the face like a pavement pizza and a voice like he has a shoe stuck in his nostrils. Fuckin hate people like that.
    Compensation was when he got off the train he fell on his arse. You can even tell these people are going to be trouble before they open their mouths. Took one look at him and thought"here comes trouble".soon as he got off the train everyone was saying "what a fuckin muppet". Folk in the cinema probably thought that about the guy you had problems with. Good thing is people like that usually end up dead in the gutter.
    Cool photos! Love the way it says Glasgow behind everyone!
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    shame you didn't get to see the whole film, it fucking rocks.

    on my left was some dumb botch jumping every 30secs and asking "is he a goodie or a baddie?" about every fucking character.

    on the other side was some cock who was chatting on his phone. i turned roudn to him and said "fucks sake, mate. i didn't pay a fiver to come in and listen to you fucking spout off".

    he soon shut up, but carried on texting and shit. twat.

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    ...and this is why i dont go to the cinema

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    complain to the manager, the head of the UGC and you either get the security plonker sacked or free cinema for a year.

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    "any luck they will take action"

    No luck about it, keep pursuing it. Get no action, take it higher and higher, customer service probably will try and fob you off, but speak to people with power. Go to the top and get a result

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