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Thread: Mick nclair Wants.....

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    Default Mick nclair Wants.....

    To get all smashed up. Let a crazy idiot. silliy fool.

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    do it!! do it!!!

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    lol sick....
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    Makings of some crazy hype and a great fight
    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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    ok so whats the venue? ian???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reedy View Post
    To get all smashed up. Let a crazy idiot. silliy fool.
    Thats funny coz I heard some backtracking has been done since then, I hope the fight goes ahead just hope you can back all this shit up coz Mick trains very hard for guys he dosn't know god knows how he will train for someone who has called he a fat gay puff ha ha

    Will be a very good fight can only see one winner though................

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    And this is why you shouldn't drink and forum post

    Thread closed

    at everyone taking it so seriously

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