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Thread: Ridiculously awesome fight

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    2 rounds, first wasn't shown.

    When he got out of that last armbar attempt I almost got a semi on.

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    that is bogdan training out of holland. only has been training 2/3 years.. crazy flexible, inposible to tap.. will be a future champ for sure, nice guy as well. trains under forum member kops gym.. same as jordan radev
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    best submission battle since saku vs newton, even better

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    From now on when people ask me what MMA is THAT is what I'll show them.
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    was really entertaining

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    Looked like they were just rolling about on the floor and hugging, ref should have stood them up and let them slug.

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    WOW!! that should be a sticky to inspire us all..

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    thats the guy who beat denzil in germany! very impressed!

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    Thought he was going to tap over and over again - the dude won in the end - im knackered watching .

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    Default awesome grappling match....

    why didn't one of then just stand up and punch the other?..... god.....

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