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Thread: UFC 92 Live Results Thread - SPOILERS! SPOILERS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanCrase View Post
    Forest says "I wasn't tapping"

    Bollocks you weren't mate, you were tapping faster than Michael Flatley
    I thought he was being Ironic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcontent View Post
    I thought he was being Ironic
    Ah, possibly, I can never tell with Forest as he sounds a bit "Matt Damon" at the best of times.

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    Some shock wins there like. Rampage vs Evans will be awesome.

    Think Rampage will take it and be champ again, cant wait.

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    hardonk vs congo would be a great fight. www.AUTOSTYLEALLOYWHEELS.CO.UK www.BODYFUEL.COM www.ASSECURITYLIMITED.COM

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    I think everyone who subscribed to Setanta on Freeview and paid their money to watch UFC who were cruelly cut off JUST before the main event should phone Setanta and complain? Are they paying by minute or WHAT????? NOT HAPPY!!!!!!

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    Ha and to think all the people who said rampage has no chance in knocking wandy out!

    I hope wandy comes back though, maybe 185?

    Mir was awesome, did nog take him lightly?

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    Wandy really does now need to drop to 185...

    Rashad beating Griffin, f*ck man I hate Rashad.... He was wincing and twitching like hell when Griffin was hitting him.

    As for Mir beating Nog..... (& Joe Rogan talking about him like he's got K1 level standup). jesus..... i'm going to cry myself to sleep
    And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

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    I predicted Evans i love Forrest and wanted him to win, but you cannot Deny Rashad is an amazing talent. Great night.

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