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Thread: ZT Amateur Tournament Dates - 2009

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    Default ZT Amateur Tournament Dates - 2009

    Please note the following dates for our Amateur Tournaments at ZT Fight Skool for 2009:

    Sunday 15th February
    Sunday 19th April
    Sunday 21st June
    Sunday 16th August
    Sunday 18th October

    For detailed rules for our events, please see here:

    For info on getting to ZT Fight Skool, see here:

    For more info email

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    That link says that headshots to a standing or grounded opponent is allowed.

    I though amateur fights were no headshots only?

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    It depends on the event really. The rules will vary from event to event. We took the decision to include headshots standing and on the ground but we also removed elbows, knees, heel hooks and any spine twisting submissions.

    There is just 1, 4 min round and competitors are given less time to improve there position if not intelligently defending themselves from ground and pound. Fights are also stopped if the ref feels that a fighter has taken a damaging shot whilst standing.

    Fighter safety is our priority but we also want competitors to gain good MMA experience.

    We have a few of our amateur bouts on YouTube too:
    We are looking for fighters for our 2010 shows - please email

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    only 2 weeks so get your name down or come on the day
    We are looking for fighters for our 2010 shows - please email

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    ttt for a great day
    the bullshit stops when the cage door locks!!! @prosystemsmma @Ryanwhitemma

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    The ZT format is top notch. It gives new fighters a chance to get some good cage experience and the whole day is great.
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    well done to all the fighter that took part yesterday there where some really good fights

    leon ash zt mw winner
    artur kutchta zt
    rob allum zt
    rhian daniels team titan
    paul collier zt
    warren howard WW WINNER
    lee desouza team titan
    mark percival samri martal arts
    seb birch zt
    sam redway zt
    lee danial team titan (the best ko of the day)
    reuben reeves team sparten LHW WINNER
    casper cook new wave academy lw winner
    darren castleton zt

    sorry if i missed any one out
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    We are looking for fighters for our 2010 shows - please email

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