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Thread: What weight am i?

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    Default What weight am i?

    HI, maybe a silly question, i am wondering what weight catogary am I if i am 73kg and if you know what dose the weight go up to to stay in range?
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    What ? I am assuming you are asking what weight category you would fight at ? If so you'd be welterweight, 73k up to 77k I belive.

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    yah i should of said weight category, need to explain more sorry, so I am a welterweight

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    yes but you would be better suited at lightweight which is 70kg
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    Yup, even if you're a skinny bugger at 73kg you could still easily make 70kg for a fight. If you decided to fight at welterweight i can guarantee you will be fighting someone a lot bigger than you.

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    You could prob lose close to 3kg just by cutting out the biscuits. At an amatuer level don't even contemplate cutting weight. If you try to keep your weight at 70kg, if you get to the point where you wanna fight pro/semi-pro or whatever, then your in a pretty good position to cut down to featherweight.
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    Seening this thread at people speaking about weight cutting. Ive do a bit of boxing grappling and kickboxing and plan on training a bit more mma. I fight (amuter) at 74kg but walk around 75 -76 and my cutting technique is just not a day eat before. I am 6,3 do you think i would be able to cut to 70kg id i cleaned my diet up?
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    MHillier you should be able to do so. I use to do 2x BJJ sessions a week and 1 open mat and recently taken upon 1 MMA, 2x BJJ, 1 open mat and jogging once or 2x a week and managed to drop from 76kg > 73KG in space of a week (I was seeing if i could manage to cut down for No-Gi Comp) but put it on again due to having 2 weeks away from training. I'm roughly about 6ft1. Best way from what i can tell is to cut down your Carb intake (I eat bucket loads of pasta) and crap food.
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    KidKimura:blimey 6 foot 3 and 6 foot 1, over towering the miget self of just 5 foot 4 lol so it would be best i suppose to drop down a bit to be a bit faster but obviously would drop down to a featherweight.

    1inchPonch: thats probably why they put me with a massive beast in the first session i was wondering why that was lol, is the a reason for that of why they give you someone bigger?.

    daspecimen: i think lightweight is probably more sensible because i was pretty good for a beginer and had the strengh to over turn some, i suppose if i could get the weight just right and know exactly what catogary i am in then i will be able to have more of a game, i just hate been skinny.

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