On September 13th last year I fought on the AFL show. I had a match arranged at under 70kg, however when I arrived I was told that my opponent had pulled out and I had been put up against Gavin Gwyn.

Gavin fought usually around 77kg, however Mike Swambo told me he had cut right down to almost 70kg. Mike said he would make the match a title bout. So ive agreed.

When we got into the cage it was evident he was a lot bigger than 70kg, but at this point I just wanted to fight. I had travelled up from London and didn't want to let all the training and my support's time to have been wasted. We touched gloves and went to war, it was a hard fought match and after 2 rounds I was given the unnanimous decision and therefore the title.

I was never given the title belt because they didnt have it at the time being the last minute thing , but i was promised it would be posted to me within a few weeks. Its been almost 4 months now and after numerous emails and phone calls I havn't recieved my title belt.

The belt is obviously a big part of my career and me growing as a mixed martial artist, it is a display of the success I achieved (at whatever scale) after all the training and hard work.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can actually get my belt?

Thanks Anton