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It kind of came together over time, basically something happened when I was 20 (6 years ago) that completely changed the direction of my life, I got out of a bad situation, became a better person and found God. The bed of leaves represents a fall and death (a fall of where I perceived once upon a time to be a high place in life, and the death of that way of life) and the crucifix shows, perhaps, the catalist for this change of lifestyle (me finding God, as I was actually a satanist beforehand). The barbed wire shows the hardship and pain that bound me and my faith together when everything seemed bleak and where it becomes vines shows how it's part of my very being, and I'll never go back to the way I was and the life I lead. The skulls of the 4 hoursemen, however, are just my way of showing I've still got some badness in me, when needed.
cool shit dan, and agree, the four horsemen are badass!