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Thread: Official Tattoo Thread

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    My friend just got a new one today and sent me the pic. So far that's just the gray outline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana White View Post
    Alright fuckers!

    I've got this fucking tattoo on my fucking back and ass:

    But don't fucking tell anyone or you fuckers will never be fucking fighters.

    I love this guy...Dana not Huerta
    "I honestly can't even remember my old signature, so I'll have this one"

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    Quote Originally Posted by david5 View Post

    WINNER!!!! Dats the shiznit right der
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lou View Post
    I would really quite like one (not a tramp stamp) but my boyfriend threatens to dump me if I do. My sister has her whole back done,looks pretty good actually.
    Tramp stamps ftw !!!

    Sad your BF talks like that though.

    My gf has 2 tattoos (both of which i'm not that fond of tbh, but so is life)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hywel Teague View Post
    Frith Street?
    No searched around for a guy who specializes in b&g. His name is Gino Angelov (sp?) from Diamond Jacks looked at his work and was blown away. Wanted a v detailed piece and it was something that interested him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunny View Post
    i hate tattoo elitism. you are injecting ink into yourself with a needle to permenantly stain your skin, its not an art form, its what tribes did to mark their bodies to make them look more fearsome. its what biker gangs did to look scary. its what sailors did to represent certain centiments. the one thing that pisses me off the most is when people think they are better than other people because they paid 600 for a tattoo by someone regarded as the best in the world and all that bullshit. its stupid. i know no one has made any tattoo elitist remarks yet, but i know they will come, they always do. at the end of the day, the lines will spread just like any other tattoo and all you have done is pay ten times the price for the privilage, nice
    How is it not art? Cheers for the vague history lesson. Are you always such an ignorant cock or is it just rag week?

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    i fuckin love it when david butlin gets involved........ rag week lol.

    p.s aplin your tattoo is minttt!
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    Quote Originally Posted by die hard View Post
    The difference between people with tattoos and people without tattoos is people with tattoos dont care if you do or dont have a tattoo!!!!.
    This is spot on.

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    Dunny, Tattooing has developed in to an art form.
    Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, I've spent close to eight grand on all of my tattoos, which shocks a lot of people, but I'm going to have these on my skin for the rest of my life, so I'd rather spend alot of money and make sure they look good and will last as long as possible.
    I've seen tattoos by shit, cheap tattooists fade and smudge within weeks, yet I (and alot of people) have had tattoos for a good four or five years that still look bright and sharp.
    As far as money, I get into debates with chavvy guys all the time where i work who ask about mine, are shocked at how much I've spent and reply with "check this out! Only cost me twenty fucking quid!" and I kid you not, every fucking time, it's a piece of shit that looks like it cost that, because they went to the cheapest place they could find where the "artist" is a fucking hack who can barely trace a line, and that's why they charge so little, because they know they're shit.

    But you're right to a certain extent, just because a tattooist is expensive doesn't always mean they're good. for example, one of the most expensive tattooists in Edinburgh is nothing more than average, on a good day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OLDBOY View Post
    I've seen tattoos by shit, cheap tattooists fade and smudge within weeks, yet I (and alot of people) have had tattoos for a good four or five years that still look bright and sharp.
    Too right. The eye on my shin is now over 8 years old and it still looks pretty much the same. The photo of it is probably after about 4 or 5 years. -

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