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Thread: East Coast Fight Factory is now Lowestoft Kickstop.

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    Default East Coast Fight Factory

    East Coast Fight Factory Presents "A Storm Is Coming" on the 19th Feb 2010

    A night of K1, Boxing & MMA.

    TheTalk - Oak Street - Norwich - Norfolk - NR3 3BP

    Doors Open @ 6:30pm
    First Fight @ 7.30pm

    Tickets Prices:
    CageSide Seats 30
    Standard Ticket 15

    Event will be in a 18ft Cage.

    Main Event - East Anglian Pro MW Title - Sponsored by Maison Pardes

    Middleweight MMA Bout - Pro - 5x5min
    (Tsunami Gym/Pro Am Fight Gym) Fabio Ferrari Vs. Daniel Cubitt (Fighting Fit Martial Arts)

    Other fighter fighting our:

    Amanda Locke
    Jake Sweet
    John Calderwood
    Iain Martell
    Steve Aimable
    Ross Mathieson
    Terry Hammond
    Kieran "Lights Out" Brown
    Jersey "Patherman" Pinto
    John Mezzetti
    Matt "CrazyMad" Fitch
    Tomas Siaucila
    Sam Creasey
    Plus many more top fighters.

    East Coast Fight Factory show info @
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    MMA RULES East Coast Fight Factory show dates 2014
    7th June - 4th Oct - 15 Nov - Fighters Wanted

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    Default East Coast Fight Factory - Norwich

    East Coast Fight Factory
    Presents "Night Of Champions"
    Sat 20th Nov 2010 - Norwich

    A night of 9 Title Bout. Sponsored By Impact Fight Wear

    Main Event - East Anglian WW Title Bout - Sponsored by Impact Fight Wear

    Welterweight MMA Bout - Pro - 5x5min
    (Team Hellboy Hansen) Mohsen Bahari Vs. TBA

    Also looking to match up semi-pro mma & K1 fighters for titles as well.

    Neil Hall will be reffing this great night off combat sports.

    If you would like to fight email or call/text 07854475368 for more info.

    East Coast Fight Factory show info @
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    MMA RULES East Coast Fight Factory show dates 2014
    7th June - 4th Oct - 15 Nov - Fighters Wanted

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