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Thread: High Blood Pressure. Cures through training???

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    Yes i am fighting in KOC on 21 st march (manu fernandez show)in france in the main event.
    I need this fight first and after i will be pleased to come here again and fighting here in the new cage rage show or others.
    I have still dave mobile number so will be back soon in Uk...

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    excellent news!

    Good luck in March

    TTT for a Ewin rematch!!!
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    TTT for a Ewin rematch!!!

    oh yes....with pleasure

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    Would be good to see Damien back fighting in the UK.
    if you think its easy stop now

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    Training would be great becasue it increases the cycles of breaths and promotes the distribution of blood.

    Tell him not to slouch when he sits down and put a cusion only covering the lower part of the back so when he sits down. tilting back slightly with each breath he takes in would help circulate the blood without expressin as much effort.
    For breathing out like a Ka sound but just before it becomes a sound, this would ensure the blood is pushed through from the bottom.

    Its like comparing running cardio to wrestling. Runners dont train their stomachs to regulate their blood pressure so they can perform upside down

    These are just my thoughts on it I dont in anyway have any certificates of an kind,lol
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