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Thread: i started a new MMA/fighting forum if anybody is interested!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attila
    I ran an MMA website for about a year. Got interviews with some UFC fighters, posted news, made loads of content etc.

    It's a pain in the fukin arse.

    Good luck
    It can be a pain...but rewarding at times

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    Quote Originally Posted by sol_dave
    well by the sounds of it his is the only independant forum!

    I think this forum is quite independant (was actually part of the agreement by me and Dougie.)

    The cw guys have to pay the same rate in flapjacks like everyone else to get custom titles.
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    Or vodka and beer if we have hurt Godders feelings. Otherwise he puts up pictures of CW staff moping the cage, or picture of how he don't get no food or other really bad pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by supermanpunch
    the no. 1 has got to be sherdog, hands down lol. that place is so busy that their server craps out frequently. cage warriors is a UK site, right?

    i'm located in america.
    Uk Promotion UK site

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    tell me there are no picy's of me mopping cages, i paid my flapjack dues just like everyone else lol

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