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Thread: Stag do ideas/pranks. What have you done

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunny View Post
    get him really pissed and get a gay to suck him off, then film it, and show it him as you give the best man speach at the reception, but dont actually tell anyone else what he is watching, just let them guess from the look on his face
    legend! im best man for my mate soon.what a fucking idea

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    if you like it that much, what you should do is get another mate to make a documentary on it. so he can walk around with a proper video camera, film the event, film you filming it with your phone or whatever, then film the reaction at the do, it could be great

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    pure genius

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    We gave all the guys at the reception front door keys, then as I gave the best man speech I asked on behalf of the new bride if all the people who had her front door key could hand them back in - half of the blokes at the reception stepped forward.

    My mates was speechless, he secretly knew that his wife was a slut, but luckily for him, i confirmed it!!!!!!!!!
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    So obviously at some point in the night you are going to strip the stag naked and tie him to a lamp-post.

    Right - heres what you do - get some fine nylon cord - lots of it about 30 meters. Tie one end to his Nutsack and the other end to a rather large firework - preferably a massive rocket!

    Light said firework and stand back - Film(just got that from dunny) the terror on your buddies face as the rocket takes flight!!!!

    You pal wont see that the coiled rope has been cut in half 2 meters from the end he will be too scared that his bollocks next stop will be the moon!

    lots of fun all round!!

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    or, leave it attached. if he has pierced nipples or anything, anchor to these

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    Aye, naked crack is always a winner.

    We has a stag in manchester, stripped him naked and took his wallet and clothes and left him in the middle of the town centre. He had to get back to the digs bollock naked, was hilarious. What was even more funny was by the time we got to the digs he was already there ( taxi must have picked him up straight away ) but the bloke who was on reception at the hostel was shouting at him and trying to call the police as there was a pissed up naked man trying to get in the doors without the electronic key HAHAHA.

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