Don,t worry they won,t get it banned. Anyone who was watching that programme could clearly see it was aimed at worrying the Venue managers into not allowing the events to be held at thier venues, because they don,t have a ligitimate reason to ban it. Put it this way if they had a leg to stand on then it would already be banned! If they had a chance of banning it then they certainly would,nt be advertising the fact that they were even trying, this is a clear manipulating media ploy to alarm the public, but in truth all they have done is give us more publicity & aroused more curiosity, they could,nt have done a better job if we paid them!!

I do agree with you however bombard the ignorant pricks with e-mails & get them to check out thier facts. So far there has been only 1 death remotely linked to MMA it was in the Ukraine & it was more like an unlicensed bare knuckle fight than MMA but some how MMA got the blame.

If they want to start banning sports due to thier probability of causing deaths then they should start at the top!!

Sport involving the highest Death rate is "Fishing" 2nd is Golf Boxing I think is about 6th or 8th down the list MMA is,nt even on the list!!

In short "NOBHEADS"

Regards Dougie