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Thread: Looking for bloggers

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    Default Looking for bloggers

    MMA Hit Pit has become one of the best ways for fans to keep up to date with fighters. We have a dedicated Fighters Diaries section where fighters can blog and keep fans up to date with their goings on. We currently have Dave Bownds along with UFC fighter Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy and Rosi Sexton who write a blog for us.

    We are looking for fighters from all levels to do a blog. We would really like to get some people on who are just starting out or are getting close to that first fight. You donít need to write long blogs just whatever you want to write about we are happy to include. So if you are interested then send me an e-mail for more details.

    Also if any of you want some free exposure for an upcoming fight or you just want your mug shot on the site for no reason then feel free to give me a shout.


    For your MMA Fix, Don't Hit the Pit anymore coz its shut.

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    i might have a go

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    id personally be interested in reading your blog
    For your MMA Fix, Don't Hit the Pit anymore coz its shut.

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    ill do it then

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    pm sent your way my man

    hope you might be interested in a "never was"
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    I would but that layout is hurting my eyes man? Id love to do it if the site looked more professional.

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    ah so you would rather see it plastered with adverts?
    For your MMA Fix, Don't Hit the Pit anymore coz its shut.

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    No but it looks like it was made in microsoft word. There's thousands of free great looking wordpress themes out there.

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    well we built the site from scratch, its not a site owned by a huge company its run by fans for fans, we make no money from the site at all, we are what we are and we dont want to go down the road of everyone else and have a site PACKED with stuff and also the usual black background, we want to be diffrent and having a basic simple site works for us, you are the first person in the 8 months we have been live to say they dont like it, I welcome your comments though and I do like feedback so thank you and im sorry that you dont like what we are trying to do
    For your MMA Fix, Don't Hit the Pit anymore coz its shut.

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    I appreciate that mate, it's personal preference really. It probably wouldn't bother the average user but it's just I used to run a network of blogs including a non profit one, and doing a lot of web design work they were of a high standard. It's just me being a perfectionist!

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