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Thread: New Carlson Brown Belt in Amsterdam

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    Default New Carlson Brown Belt in Amsterdam

    Professor Marcos Flexa (Carlson Gracie Black Belt) awarded Daniel Bertina
    of Carlson Gracie Amsterdam his Faixa Marrom on the 7th May.

    Congratulations Daniel from all at Carlson Gracie Revolution Team

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    He's a nice lad, well done Daniel - Part of the Bristol Alliance

    Wiltshire's Strongest Person 2008

    House of Pain Bantamweight British Champion

    Rally driver extraordinaire!

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    Cool, well done to him.

    Fittingly (for a Carlson guy) i met him at the Dutch Open several years ago in the Dutch town of Oss

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    Hey guys. thanx.
    Been training BJJ since 2000.
    Still learning every day I step onto the mat.

    J-Sho what's up man. Remember this>?

    Osu Leigh how's it going man?

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    lol, back in the days when i was the original "Ollie Geddes go anywhere fight anything type player" in GB London. I got to Oss really late, got lost and in the end the hotel manager had to drive around town looking for me.

    That was a good comp, Cadu also had the good idea of putting up an Overhead projector/screen so that the names of people needed to fight were clearly visible around the arena. I don't know why more people don't do that.

    The nogi comp had people like Siyar Bahadurzada competing and of course that superfight between Cadu and Martijn.

    I was 78kg for that comp, fought Raffles Le Rose and Bruno Pedras amongst others. lol, i'll never be 78kg again until during cremation.

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    Well done great news
    ‎"He who goes to bed with itchy bum, wake up with stinky finger."

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    That was a great tournament. J-sho screaming at me to choke the guy out. Got armbarred somewhere in my division but still managed to get the silver medal. Then went up against a huge brazilian brown belt in the no gi division who did nothing but stall the whole match. Strange days.

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