I posted this on the EFN forum, it's worth putting on here as well I reckon...

Which 5 people have most influenced the BJJ you use? (EDIT: should be grappling as many on here don't do BJJ... can't change the post title now though )

I assume a lot of people will have their main instructor as the obvious no.1 (although, I could understand it may not be so clear at clubs with numerous top level instructors; Carlsons, RGA etc...), but who are the others?

It will also be really interesting to hear this from the more experienced guys on here, who have trained with many more top guys than I have.


1. Chris Rees (obvious) - he has taught me the vast majority of what I know and use. I do think some people in the club don't realise this because he has a pretty different game to me.

2. Braulio (again, obvious) - first off, this is where a lot of what Chris has shown me has come from. For actual techniques being taught, there isn't loads I use... but, from rolling with him and watching him roll with others I have picked up so much small detail it's crazy. Just little things which I then tried out and realised it made positions/control so much tighter.

3. Italo Ferreira - he has shown me some crazy stuff and also loads of minor details which have really helped me. Every time I rolled with him he would go over a few specific things with me at the end... just little points on grips etc, but they made loads of difference.

4. Marcelo Garcia - although I've never trained with him, I have watched his videos A LOT. Got me really working on arm-drags, x-guard and taking and maintaining the back. Can't wait to train with the guy.

5. either Victor Estima or Rob Stevens - I've picked stuff up off both of them during rolling and Rob has also shown me a few details on techniques when I've trained with him. Victor taught me how important is is to keep my elbows in tight to stop getting armbarred... haha. It didn't work at all against him though