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Thread: Most important people to your BJJ?

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    Default Most important people to your BJJ?

    I posted this on the EFN forum, it's worth putting on here as well I reckon...

    Which 5 people have most influenced the BJJ you use? (EDIT: should be grappling as many on here don't do BJJ... can't change the post title now though )

    I assume a lot of people will have their main instructor as the obvious no.1 (although, I could understand it may not be so clear at clubs with numerous top level instructors; Carlsons, RGA etc...), but who are the others?

    It will also be really interesting to hear this from the more experienced guys on here, who have trained with many more top guys than I have.


    1. Chris Rees (obvious) - he has taught me the vast majority of what I know and use. I do think some people in the club don't realise this because he has a pretty different game to me.

    2. Braulio (again, obvious) - first off, this is where a lot of what Chris has shown me has come from. For actual techniques being taught, there isn't loads I use... but, from rolling with him and watching him roll with others I have picked up so much small detail it's crazy. Just little things which I then tried out and realised it made positions/control so much tighter.

    3. Italo Ferreira - he has shown me some crazy stuff and also loads of minor details which have really helped me. Every time I rolled with him he would go over a few specific things with me at the end... just little points on grips etc, but they made loads of difference.

    4. Marcelo Garcia - although I've never trained with him, I have watched his videos A LOT. Got me really working on arm-drags, x-guard and taking and maintaining the back. Can't wait to train with the guy.

    5. either Victor Estima or Rob Stevens - I've picked stuff up off both of them during rolling and Rob has also shown me a few details on techniques when I've trained with him. Victor taught me how important is is to keep my elbows in tight to stop getting armbarred... haha. It didn't work at all against him though -

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    Aside from my regular coach, Karl T, it's probably the four people who I roll with most often
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    Levo - The man can work wonders with anyone ( I am proof!)
    Ryan Hall - triangle
    Marcelo Garcia - armdrag and back mount.

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    1 Marcos Flexa
    He is the master of my gi game. tight basics, no fancy stuff. also correcting small details. even the most little grip he corrects, always patient. very old school smash game.

    2 Leigh Remedios
    he has taught me the vast majority of what I know and use in no gi, also a lot of my leglock game. Plus stressing inportance of being a good athlete.

    3 Boca Vagner
    Added a lot of my new school moves. being in brazil, he always shows me the latest moves. So that i will be aware of it.. Helps me add to my game, instead of change

    4 John Danaher
    Only trained for a little while in his classes in the usa, and took some privates. his wisdom and approach helped me loads in my look on bjj. Esp quilotines.

    5 Daniel Bertina
    started me off in bjj, put a lot of time in me back in the days. one of the most loyal people i know.

    loads of people i rolled with made me change and tweek alot of moves
    only trained with him a little bit.. John kavenhaugh.. shoulder of justice..and the insane pressure.
    Marcus Vinicus, insane details on the basics.. everything hurts.
    training at quannem.. made me realise i needed to be huddersfield strong.
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    1) Jamie T - Taught me the most, nothing is ever to much trouble. Very patient and explains things well. Only person that will put up with my Bravo nuthugging and drill it with me. Cheers pal.

    2) Nathen B - Taught me my first submission moves (which I still get the most taps with). Taught me the need to shout/grunt while applying a submission. Nothing puts fear into people like a Bruce Lee 'WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHH' lol

    3) Mark Chen - Constantly fucks me up with no effort then takes the time to explain how he did it.

    4) Eddie Bravo - same as everyone I suppose, half guard etc etc

    5 Ari Bolden - Many people slag off his site but its helped me in a couple of areas

    Cheers guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duchman View Post
    training at quannem.. made me realise i needed to be huddersfield strong.
    Get chasing sheep

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxingbrit View Post
    Get chasing sheep
    To sum up huddersfield from a outsiders view
    1 Sheep
    2 Huge Hills
    3 Lunatics
    4 Scary nightclubs
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    Nice thread Rob, i dont think i could narrow it down to 5 lol:

    1) Danny Rushton - Trained with him the most and the guys natural ability is insane, he only needs to see things once, goes away comes back and will tap people repeatedly in training with it.

    2)Chris Milward - spent most of my time on the mats with him, but he improves my game with just little tweaks / advice to techniques i already used. usually in the front room at my mums, "Widge, come look at this, you reckon that would work?"

    3) Alan / Debbie Jones - My two former judo coaches giving me a general understanding of grappling

    4) Jim Watson - My former wrestling coach. again basics and attention to detail and positioning.

    5) - several people who ive picked up little details from watching the roll, speaking to them etc. Levo, JK, Jack Mountford, Lenny West, John Melling etc
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    Les Allen- Les taught me to grapple. He introduced us to MMA/ grappling and i am back training with him now to improve my movement and all over ground game. He is still the best grappler i have seen or witnessed.

    Dave Butlin- Dave is probably the most underrated grappler in the country and taps me easier than anyone else. His knowledge is unbelievable and his application is horrible.

    Roberto Atalla- Roberto came to stay with us for 12 month + when he moved over. He trained with Dave daily and i got in as many sessions as i could.

    Leigh R- We trained together almost daily for over 12 months. Great principles

    John Kavnagh/ Paul McVeigh- both these guys have come to stay at ours and i have stayed with them. They are both quality ground guys and the names they come up with for positions/ techniques really helps memory. Both have added loads to my game.

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    In kinda chronological order...

    1) Jason Tan (Next Gen Chris Brennan nogi brownbelt) - ridiculously natural talent for BJJ/grappling. Above all else taught me the importance of being relaxed and using technique and leverage rather than just strength.

    2) Paul Rimmer (Next Gen Chris Brennan nogi purple) - BJJ encyclopedia and stickler for the finer points of any technique. Taught me more more tweaks and tricks for making even simple moves work than I could ever remember.

    3) Dave Faulkner (Wolfslair chief weirdo) - years ago taught me how to use wrestling as part of groundwork, and some nifty tactics I still use now.

    4) Eddie Bravo (10th Planet guru) - only trained with him for a couple of weeks, but with his instructionals and books has definitely affected my game. Don't use the rubber guard as much anymore, but things like the stomp to butterfly from half guard, and the correct way to do an old-school sweep are great for MMA

    5) Marcelo Brigadeiro (RFT Rio/Kaobon Luta Livre blackbelt) - only been training with him for a couple of months, but the guy is immense in every area, don't think I've ever felt sooo far removed from being able to tap someone as I do rolling with him. Has already improved my overall gameplan, and taught me more leglocks than I ever knew existed . home of TEAM KAOBON MMA/MUAYTHAI

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