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Thread: Roy Jones DVD's wanted !!

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    Default Roy Jones DVD's wanted !!

    Has anyone got any Roy Jones jr dvds ? Im after the calzaghe vs jones 24/7 program and another documentary called The sweet science. Or any other documentarys people have got ?

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    I have all his fights on VHS tape upto Ruiz, that includes documentaries and Olympic. I aint got anything after that though

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    I have some documentaries not sure which ones.
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    Got a 12 disk set with all his fights on but wanted some documentaries on him, I've got 1 called heart of a champion about his rematch with Tarver but i wanted some more. Got someone lending me the 24/7 on video so im getting it copied onto DVD

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    send an pm to "THE-1" he has shit loads of dvds if he aint got them he will get them


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    Already done that mate, he's gonna try and get them for me. My mates just told me his mum taped over half the 24/7 program so im after that again now

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