Once again ive been approached by someone who has been warned away from training at Quannum by Dave Riley from Honley. Does anyone know this guys credentials?

Hes claiming people should stay away from our gym as we take things too seriously and smash up any newcomers. Those who have trained with us know its not the case but this sort of publicity can cause longlasting damage to our reputation. This is the fifth lad over I have heard the exact same thing from.

I would invite anyone who is unsure to com and watch our training sessions if they arent happy and its not for them then so be it. Dont take the word of some unknown clown who wouldnt know MMA if it kicked his arse.

I am prepared to fight this guy on any pro show as I feel hes taking food from my kids table and his bullshit is harming not only our gym but the reputation of the sport in our area. Off the fuckin chain will be an understatement!! Put up or shut the fuck up.