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Thread: Dave Riley Red Dragon MMA Huddersfield. Looks like hes after a fight!!!

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    only heard great things about dave butlins club.
    ive spoke to Freeman regarding him doing a lot of prep work for his fight with cahoon at the Butlins camp.
    if a seasoned vet like the machine gets down there to prepare, then anyone in the area looking to get involved in mma should take advantage of the club.

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    Not spoke to him but meet him and his lads at a couple of events, seemed nice enough.

    Same thing has happened with me, people bad mouthing the gym and I. Did the same sort of thing you are doing now soeme times it got addressed some times it didn't.

    Quannum, great gym with great guys

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    His gym details are available through Google's cache; -

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    Nice one people for info. From what ive heard he shouldnt be teaching at all and pretty much charges for cardio training and poor technique.

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    Quannum has the best ladies changing room It had to be said ..

    As for taking things too seriously & smashing up newcomers - all lies!!
    They're nice to newcomers & take the mick out of almost everyone else Even Aaron is nice to newcomers

    I was probably the most stroppy, bad tempered anti-social person to train there.. but i'm too small to smash up any newcomers hahaha ..

    Hope it all gets sorted. You deserve to have lots of people coming through the doors to train.

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    always wanted to take a trip to quannum. Never been able to get a lift.

    maybe when i start driving
    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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    I will take you just as soon as I start training again...

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    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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    Do Qualnnum do pay per class? Everything on the website looks like monthly fees and joining fees.

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    Yes, it's 3 per class or 5 for both. You'll get top quality coaching and a thicker skin by the end of it ;-)

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