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Thread: Dave Riley Red Dragon MMA Huddersfield. Looks like hes after a fight!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bean View Post
    Yes, it's 3 per class or 5 for both. You'll get top quality coaching and a thicker skin by the end of it ;-)
    Wish i lived closer !
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Butlin View Post
    Nice one people for info. From what ive heard he shouldnt be teaching at all and pretty much charges for cardio training and poor technique.

    I went down once to this place in Colne Valley. Seemed like a nice guy, didnt really talk to him much, more cardio stuff than anything really and he would just throw you in there for wrestling or grappling drills. Never want back again lol. As mentioned earlier, I remember someone mentioning a muay thai background and he learnt bits and bats of his grappling from some dude in slaithwaite by the surname of Sykes if I remember correctly.

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    Any team with "Red Dragon" attached has gotta suck.
    "Amateur levels are for 'get in there and try' Pro levels are for 'get in there and do' A 'balls before brains' attitude to Professional MMA is only going to end in tears" Mr A Chatfield

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    AFAIK he trained with Tony Sykes who i have a lot of respct for and was interestd in training with Dave and is keen to improve hi own game. I have also head numerous people who have said Red Dragon fighters bat Quannum fighters in some event that seems to be a figment of his imagination.

    I believe he was teaching at Top Bodies when Andy worked behind the counter there. He appears to teach a wide range of stuff but mainly fitness based classes to get the numbers in and the pennies. Ba mouthing our gym and saying 'we take things too seriously' is more lilkely to turn people off the sport than attract them to his club.

    I might pop down for a grapple, i know two lads from the club as they were coming up to Quannum for privats with me.

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    oh well at least you got your own Chute Boxe vs BTT style rivalry.....but this time its in Huddersfield

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recreio Fighter View Post
    oh well at least you got your own Chute Boxe vs BTT style rivalry.....but this time its in Huddersfield
    lol...from what i hear, those kinda rivalries are common up there

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    lol, thats like saying Man Ut have a rivalry with the local sunay league team cos they said they can beat them and training is too hard at Old Trafford

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    Dave B v Cock rag bloke on Angrrrr Managment May 23rd???????

    This gives him plenty of time to learn how to curl up in a ball and tap furiously.
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    More likely lay on his back thinking he is tucked up in bed

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