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    Yeah you fucknut

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    Does this mean you're letting Dutchman take your forum? (Not that it was yours in the first place, as it was Jays).

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    Dear "ACA"

    We represent Advanced Content Access System Licensing Administrator, LLC (ACA LA), developer, proprietor and licensor of the Advanced Content Access System (ACA). ACA is an integrated set of technological protection measures that controls access to and prevents unauthorized copying of copyrighted motion pictures embodied on high definition DVDs.

    It is our understanding that you are providing to the public the above-identified tools and brand name services at this forum, and are thereby providing and offering to the public a technology, product, service, device, component, or part thereof that is primarily designed, produced, or marketed for the purpose of circumventing the licensed Brand Name afforded by ACA (hereafter, the "circumvention offering"). Doing so constitutes a violation of the anti-circumvention provisions of the Brand Protection and Copyright Act (the "DMCA"), 17 U.S.C. ?? 1201(a)(2) and 1201(b)(1). Providing or offering the circumvention offering identified above, and any other such offering that is primarily designed or produced to circumvent protection measures, or which has only limited commercial significant purpose other than to circumvent, or which are offered to the public with knowledge that it is for use in circumventing, violates the rights of ACA and any others harmed as well. See ?? 1201(a)(2), 1201(b)(1), and 1203.

    In view of the foregoing apparent anti-circumvention violations, we demand that you immediately:

    1) remove or cause to be removed the above-specified ACA circumvention offering and any other circumvention offering which is designed, produced or provided to circumvent ACA or to assist others in doing so, and/or any links directly thereto, from the URL identified above and from any other forum or website on which you have provided any circumvention offering; and

    2) refrain from posting or causing to be provided any ACA circumvention offering or from assisting others in doing so, including by direct links thereto, on any website now or at any time in the future.

    Failure to do so will subject you to legal liability.

    Please confirm to the undersigned in writing no later than noon a week from the above-indicated date that you have complied with these demands. You may reach the undersigned by email at ACA LA reserves all further rights and remedies with respect to this matter.

    Very truly yours,

    Andrew C Murray
    Counsel for ACA LA

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    LOL not a bad trolling attempt.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basilisk View Post
    LOL not a bad trolling attempt.....
    You wouldn't know

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