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Thread: Olympians/VT Interclub

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    Default Olympians/VT Interclub

    Sunday 15th at Olympians MMA we are having an MMA interclub. We have about 10 matches for guys who are thinking about fighting.

    Rules are no elbows and no knees, 16 oz boxing gloves and thai shin pads, no heel hook, no hammer fists, normal mma rules apart from the restrictions.

    All matches are going to be 1 * 5 minute round.

    Im jumping in with Leigh Remedious for one, im sure he will be trying his hardest to liver kick me silly but i'm planning on giving him some smacks. Will be a good laugh. Anyone in the area is welcome to come and have a look. Will be in new gym, in the training cage.

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    Will try and get some people over, what sort of time are you planning on starting?
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    16 oz gloves for MMA?? Not MMA sparring gloves?
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    No 16 oz boxing gloves, we wants everyone to walk away in one piece.

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    is this going to be a regular thing??

    When my shoulder has fully healed I might like to get a kicking from someone in big gloves.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    what about spinning back first?
    Insert whiny message

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duchman View Post
    what about spinning back first?
    Spining back fists?

    Sledge we are goin to do it regular, will be good to get the VT guys up as ,much as possible to give everyone a taste.

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    I might have a play in 16s later in the year when my lifes less hectic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Butlin View Post
    I might have a play in 16s later in the year when my lifes less hectic.

    Yes come down, but its nota really competitive inetrclub it will be tough but i want 50/50s. No Mini Stapes. You can jump in with Glen for boxing, but bring your headgear.

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