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Thread: Olympians/VT Interclub

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    Right. That's it Butlin. Calling me out are you.

    Me and you. 16ozs. Bring your head gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reedy View Post
    yes i must be
    Admission is the first step to recovery
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    Next pull out:

    Simon Boulter vs Mick Bowman, Clash of Warriors March 8th 2009.

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    Butlin and Sledge in the cage on Sunday full head gear 16oz gloves its on!

    I think you guys are jumping on reedy alittle here... I know he didnt mean it like that at all... The interweb is not the best place to talk about things. As things are often read in the wrong way. It is however understandable how you could have read it wrong (Paul you do like to bait!)... I think you should all just take a step back on this one and have a real chat about it. Honeslty the spirt of this Sunday is a bit of fun and getting some experiance for some newbies to MMA.

    Lets keep it that way.

    Show some love!

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon bottler View Post
    Admission is the first step to recovery
    Step One

    We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanagable.

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    Dude step one is after the match on sunday....

    we admit we are powerless over alcohol... then we head to the pub!

    and from there we admit we are also powerless over shite food and eat crap...

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    Change of order

    Today at 12:17pm
    Dave 'Hedge' Hodge V Big 'Bear' Andy
    Rich 'nice guy' Pearce V Nick 'the quick' Wit
    Paul 'HULK' Reed V Leigh Remedious
    Pauline 'The Wet Dream' Croft V Nick Peppar
    Ian Mac 'Daddy' V VT guy
    Frankiel V VT Guy Aston
    James 'badaaaass' Bradshaw v Teo 'Mr T' Serdeles
    Daryl "The Rock" Rochester vs Jon "The Swan" Maggs
    Carl 'Mikura' Kid V Kris Jaba hutt
    Reed V Owen in Grappling match
    Pauline 'the wet dream' V Mental Dave grappling match

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    With all due respect.. That are the worst nick names.. EVER! EVa!
    Insert whiny message

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duchman View Post
    With all due respect.. That are the worst nick names.. EVER! EVa!
    Fuck you Duchman ain't that great...

    Aarron 'Librarian' Karels
    "When you're not training; somebody else is training to kick your ass."
    Part of Team Savage. Trained by Alex 'The Boy' Owen:

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    And dave scares me. Im glad i no longer even own 16 oz gloves
    Insert whiny message

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