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Thread: ABA Boxing Tutor Course

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    Looks interesting - but I'm always a bit put off by courses that offer anyone off the street instructor status in a few sessions.

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    im pretty sure to be a qualified am boxing coach u need to have had atleat 1 am boxing bout..toqualify for doing the course..could be wrong tho..

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    Quote Originally Posted by leglocksrock View Post
    im pretty sure to be a qualified am boxing coach u need to have had atleat 1 am boxing bout..toqualify for doing the course..could be wrong tho..
    Not for the first three levels i think.

    I think for the top two you have to have a boxing medical or something.

    Someone i know is running the one on in Leicester on the 18th
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    I did the ABA boxing tutor course last year in Stockport. I was doing a sports coaching degree and they offered to pay for any realeted course so i did that. You dont have to have had any ABA bouts or even have boxed before. It was very very basic, designed for teaching kids. Everyone that was there passed the course (including about 10 lads that have never boxed and a few girls.) You get a t-shirt, certicicate and advice on setting up kids boxing classes. Didnt learn anything but now i can say im an "ABA boxing tutor"
    Just glad it wasnt my money !!
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    I did this course through my job last year at Birtley boxing gym, it's aimed at younger kids really, but it's worth doing. The bloke who ran it was called Q shillingforth. I got some kids up to the bronze level who were having problems at school a while back.

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    Sounds quite interesting now as I work with kids that have been kicked out of school/close to it etc sometimes - how much did the course cost?

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    Not sure mate, i got it free through the organization i work for, but i know after you do the 1 day course you can get everything you need, I:E coaching books, student log books and certificates for about 50 from the ABA

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    Did it myself lst month in stockport and enjoyed it.

    You go through how to work with both children and adults and how to teach the ABA acredited syllabus up to bronze standard *students then reffered to coaches and a registerred ABA club for further advancement*

    You don't need any experience with amateur boxing to do it but if you have boxing experience this course just helps you to hold down the basics and puts things in a simple light on how to break down stances, punches, movement and teach it to children and adults who havent done boxing before.

    Once you pass the day then you receive your certificate, t-shirt, and the necessary material and books for you to be able to get going. You do have to register with the ABA and have a CRB and first aid certificate before you can hold the classes/seminars but the details etc are given to you on the day.

    To be honest it will all come down to if you want to do the course and learn how to teach NOT coach * this is expressed on the day *

    The course for the day costs 90 which has to be payed within 2 weeks of the course date you choose, this includes all you material at the end of the course etc. It was mentioned that the price will be going up though due to ABA registration fees etc.

    Here is the ABA lin for futher information:

    Hope that helps
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    So it can be used to teach kids the basics but not spar or compete?

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