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Thread: TUF veteran Wesley Murch does his part to boost MMA in the UK Pt 1

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    Default TUF veteran Wesley Murch does his part to boost MMA in the UK Pt 1

    TUF veteran Wesley Murch does his part to boost MMA in the UK Pt 1

    By Chris Cork

    While mixed martial arts continues its emphatic rise to prominence in the United States thanks primarily to the unbridled success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the sport is still in a primitive stage of development in the United Kingdom.

    Forget ESPN coverage, live primetime CBS shows and booming pay-per-view buy-rates, MMA is still very much a fringe sport this side of the pond.

    Mainstream media coverage is sparse (though gradually increasing), the publicís understanding and acceptance of the sport is limited (though improving), and talk of brutality and barbarism is still commonplace when one discusses MMA with Joe Blow. Make no mistake, U.K. MMA has a long way to go if it is to reach the dizzy heights of the U.S. scene.

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    pt 2
    While mixed martial arts in the U.S. is profiting from widespread exposure, ignorance of the sport’s nuances continues to plague the British landscape. Not only do critics fail to grasp MMA’s virtues, but an element of those who follow the sport do so only because they revel in the violence.

    Bloodlust is an unfortunate but unsurprising by-product of the sport’s fierce nature, and some promoters seem to purposely market their product to appeal to such a crowd. Though MMA and its associated risks should not be sugar-coated in any way to appease detractors, crass and short-sighted presentation of the sport could impair the chances of long-term prosperity for British MMA and its athletes.

    TUF 8 veteran and UK native Wesley Murch is fully cognizant of the role fighters have to play in shifting opinion and believes a general lack of awareness of the technicalities involved with the ground game must be addressed if MMA is to rid itself of its unsavory reputation.

    “The British have a lager lout attitude,” he admits. “They’re like ‘smash his face in!’I’ve been practicing in someone’s guard before, and as I’m working to technically pass the guard someone’s shouted ‘bite his ear off!’ That’s what we need to get away from, but the only way you can get away from that is to educate people.

    “Everyone who’s drunk in a pub really thinks they can cage fight. They think ‘yeah, I’ll get in there and have a go’. People don’t recognize the preparation and training that goes into it,” Murch explains.

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    Really pleased for Wez when he put his mind to something whatever it is things really start to happen. In a real short space of time he's got great trainers, a top class gym, and some good guys training there. Looking forward to seeing what he can do with the place in a year.

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    glad to hear yesterday went well mate !!

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    Lager louts who don't know jack shit about the sport and only go to shout nonsense and never plan on learning anything about the sport, need to be filtered out of the MMA scene, whether that means enforcing certain things and/or banning them I don't know. But will promoters want to do anything like this when they are extra arses on the seats paying toward the cost of running the event.

    Just very difficult for this to happen even if the event organisers wanted to, if someone doesnt want to learn, they arent going to learn no matter how much anyone tries to teach them. Maybe you shouldnt be allowed to buy alcohol if you cant answer questions about MMA techniques and stuff LOL.

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