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Thread: I admit I was Sceptical of the BFC.

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    Default I admit I was Sceptical of the BFC.

    I have to admit I was sceptical of the whole BFC thing. Big, big ideas. However when something major happens that benefits more than just the Promoters, ie. fighters, trainers, fans etc, then it deserves a pat on the back.

    I think the whole concept is great but we can all come up with great ideas. Seems that Warrior Promotions are taking things to a new level though with the 1+ million TV deal with Bravo.

    Looks like UK MMA Is back on the up.

    A genuine well done to all involved.
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    How fucking cool is Bravo tho aswell. I mean for years they had UFC on. When Shitanta got that my heart sank. But Bravo showed Affliction and now doin this deal I can honestly say thats one fucking great channel.
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    100% second that mate, it could be huge.
    I think a lot of fighters that have been inactive for a while/few years that we all want to see fight again, are going to be getting off their arses and getting themselves stuck in and fight in the grand prix.

    I've said quite a few times before though, Ian Dean /Mr UK MMA - doesnt get anywhere near enough recognition for his efforts.
    Most of the time the things he does in MMA is for other people/fighters/shows and doesnt involve cagewarriors/warriors promotions. Every time Ive been to shows to corner fighters, hes there, running around for the promoter getting things sorted and its not even a warrior promotion show.
    Top man, and a lot of UK MMA community owe a lot to the geezer.
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    Very nice, thats huge for UK MMA

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    Imagine CageWarriors getting higher ratings than the UFC.
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    I've already ordered my 59plate bentley gt
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    Quote Originally Posted by UWC View Post
    I've already ordered my 59plate bentley gt

    What? the toy version?
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    Well done to all the guys ps ... give us a job

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    1m? nice work, be nice to see some rich promoters in the UK now, and Ian Dean can buy himself a car and house now...

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    Knew nothing about the Bravo deal, sounds like alot of hard work has paid off. Well done to all involved, I'm sure it will be a spectacular show.

    Quote Originally Posted by the ref View Post
    Imagine CageWarriors getting higher ratings than the UFC.
    Cage Gladiators already did this is memory serves me correctly.

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