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Thread: Ground Control Submission Tournament Results

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    Default Ground Control Submission Tournament Results

    U68kg (under 12 months)
    1. Nick Goodliffe
    2. Aley Mclean
    3. Mark Taylor (14 yrs old)

    1. Ant Griffiths
    2. Matt Dobson
    3. Mike Carol

    U73kg (under 12 months)
    1. Mike Wilkinson
    2. Rob ?
    3. Chris Fishgold

    1. Ollie Geddes
    2. Dan Agard
    3. Jon Goodliffe

    U80kg (under 12 months)
    1. Alex Alexandre
    2. Will Bourne
    3. James St Leger

    1. Matt Inman
    2. Kenny Baker
    3. James Narden

    U87kg (under 12 month)
    1. Scott Askham
    2. John Taylor
    3. Alan Manning

    1. Alex Cook
    2. Stuart Leech
    3. Paul Tabbing

    U99kg (under 12 months)
    1. Andrew ?
    2. Jon Bond
    3. Adam Conway

    1. Chris Coltrain
    2. Dave Wilson
    3. Paul Rice

    Over 99kg
    1. Rob Broughton
    2. Jason Duiton
    3. Dave Taylor

    Big thankyou to all the guys who helped out, was a long day.

    Thankyou to all the competitors, some real good matches today. Will get videos posted up asap!
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    lookd like SBG had a great day. Well done lads

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    Was a very good event.

    Was a bit gutted I was only given 1 fight, but was still worth going too see some of the other fights.

    Next Generation did a great job of organising this

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    Default re

    pete, sorry about that, it was just the one division we werent able to give all the guys 2 fights, those guys that didnt get 2 bouts we will make it up to by discount on entry to the next event, pm me.
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    Just like to congratulate Jason, Paul and Peter for a superb tournament today. The event was run very professionally and the turnout was superb,this tournament is looking like the No1 No Gi tournament in the North of England. Well done SBG Manchester, 4 gold medals as well as countless silver/bronze.

    Cannot wait till the next one!!! Cannot recommend this competition enough!!!

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    No Worries, I had a good time their anyway and I understand the situation, I'll definately be attending the next one and I'd recomend it to anyone.

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    thanx guys, great event, see ya soon

    ps: next time should be chewing gum or something for all competitors
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    1. Alex Cook
    3. Paul Tabbing
    edit it to this please

    2.Stuart Leech

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    Congrats to all the SBG guys! Best match of the day was Matt Inman vs Kenny Baker for Gold... thumb war for the win!

    Not been to many comps but Next Gen is definitely the best comp I've been to so far. Run fantastically well, no nonsense, no BS rules and never seen or heard of a problem with the refereeing. Makes you think how Next Gen can organise such a great a comp as well as train their own fighters/competitors at the same time. Other comps - take note.

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    Man, the gym was RAMMED today, so many people turned up to spectate aswell as people who'd not registered. Excellent standard for what I saw, let's hope the next one is bigger and better and we get some Southerners making the trip

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