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Thread: Nandos, were did I go wrong?

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    lol @ crying over 20/30 quid. what the fuck is this salvation army?
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    Anyone been to Frankie and Bennys? they do some well nice Sundaes! ... n the pizzas aren't bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmjohn2000 View Post
    How much do u spend on yourself Dave???
    Thank you for your question;

    It would depend how hungry I was, a full platter (as in the picture) costs about £16.95, I can't remember exactly. That's a whole chicken and 2 large sides, I tend to just have water with it. That's plenty of food for even the hungriest eater I think. Or it will comfortably feed 2 at a price of about £8.50 a head.

    If I'm less hungry I'll just get a half chicken with 2 regular sides, about £8.60 I think.

    The houmous and olives are a canny purchase too whilst you are waiting for your main course. The drinks and desserts are a rip off I reckon.

    Plus Nandos do discounts! -

    As part of our commitment to the local communities, we are proud to be able to recognise the hard work put in by the Emergency Services and NHS on our behalf. In appreciation of this, Nando’s offers every employee of the Police, Fire Service, Ambulance Service and NHS a 20% discount in all our restaurants. This offer is valid for the card holders meal only.

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    I forgot how expensive Nando's is back home. then again i'm shocked 2 pitas, chips, garlic bread and 1/4 chicken can't fill someone up

    Over here is get the supremo chicken burger + spicy rice for $15 (6 quid).

    best take out you can get
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    I used to be fat and can still eat like a fat man

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    nandos is very overrated just go and buy a mchicken sandwich and cover it in pointless spices, but add ten quid on , that is nandos.

    mchicken is for pikeys

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