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Thread: Anyone ever been homeless?

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    Approach your local council. They have to give you a homeless assessment if you are sleeping rough, although it is unlikely they will accommodate you. Plus you should be able to get jsa and that means you can get housing benefit

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    Jeez dude!

    That sucks big time. Have you considered going back to education? You could get a student loan which, yes will get you in debt, but it means you can live and learn for a while. Plus you don't have to pay it back until you are earning over a certain amount.

    Why not do a sports type degree and become a personal trainer or something. I was around your age when I decided that education was worth another shot. I just finished my Masters degree after not doing anything for the best part of 10 years.

    After you finish there are various work placement schemes. Down here in Wales its called goWales. Im sure we have something similar in the fatherland.

    Your a smart guy, make it happen dude. Now is a good time to go talk to various Uni's and colleges.

    If you have any questions give me a shout.
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    Hi mate, sorry to hear bout your situation. Sucks to be skint and having lost your job, home, possessions etc.
    On the bright side though, your still only 24 so in the long run of things, Im sure this time will be a drop in the ocean. I spent 2 years living rough in Europe and the Canaries when I was younger (18), lived on next to nothing, busking and stuff for money on the way. Granted it was a bit warmer than here!
    As you have access to the internet, cant you google homeless shelters in your area? At least they would be a short term roof n hot food for a while?
    I used to work in one in the Sussex area, was a good place to help people get back on some sort of posative track.

    Dont think your plans for Australia are out the question either mate, things can turn around just as quick for the better as well as the worse.
    March/April all the seasonal jobs start up, loads of traveller types/homeless and students tend to work them, fruit picking etc.. If you can put up with living in a tent or caravan for the summer, you can live cheap and save enough for Ozz that way. Plenty of cash labour in Ozz when you get there.

    All the best.

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    Hey dudes.

    I'm still crashing in my brothers house so I'm lucky enough not to be homeless as such.

    Godders, education was one thing that I have actually been looking at again over the past couple of days. I studied sport before and that's what my qualifications are currently in which is a bonus because I could actually add to it. I've been out of education for 3 years now and am able to re educate from NC right through to degree without fee because of this. I had a meeting at the job centre and they said if I have a part time job and do a part time course again (I was thinking in IT or something computer based as not to be effected by any breathing based difficulties) then I can get grants, accomodation etc. to help see me through this time around.These are things that I wasn't elligable for the first time around on account of my parents earnings. It's definately one of the more valid options as my ladyfriend has also been planning to go back into education.

    Daihlo, sorry to hear about your past situation dude. I've heard of people who have gotten by on busking before. I have a lot of respect for that determination.
    You're right about me being 24 and young. At the end of the day it really is a drop in the ocean of life and when I'm through the cash strapped times, it'll definately be something I can add to life experience. If the worst comes to the worst, I do know of homeless shelters in the area, but I'm sure now that I'll make it through without having to do go there. I've been surprised in the last 2 or 3 days of just how strong my supporting network of friends is. When I'm back on my feet I'm determined do something for these folks.
    I do hope to still Make it to Oz at some point. Maybe it'll just go on the backburner for a while.

    I'm now registered as a jobseeker. I have my wee signing booklet and everything. I'm just waiting for the decision on wether I'll get any jobseekers allowance. It'll help with the transport to interviews and will buy me some pretty decent food.

    I see light at the end of the tunnel I think.

    Cheers again guys, you chaps are ace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiegieboard View Post
    I'm just waiting for the decision on wether I'll get any jobseekers allowance. It'll help with the transport to interviews
    Remember to buy a child ticket from the machine when using the train.......every little helps!

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    Good luck with it all! At least you are out there trying to get somewhere and not sitting back all defeated.
    My Dad was made redundant for the 3rd time just before Christmas and after 3 months of hounding people he has been offered a job.
    Best wishes

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