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Thread: Ground Control 4.0 sub grappling tourney sunday april 26th MANCHESTER!

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    Default Ground Control 4.0 sub grappling tourney sunday april 26th MANCHESTER!

    Ground Control 4.0 | MANCHESTER

    The next installment of the Ground Control Submission Grappling Tournament will take place on Sunday April 26th at Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester city centre. There will be a beginners division (12 months and under grappling training) and an advanced division (over 12 months) for all weight categories. Any previous winners of the beginners divisions must compete in the advanced divisions and as always all competitors are guaranteed at least 2 bouts!!!

    Advanced Division Prizes

    > All Advanced division winners will receive:
    > Free Entry Pass to Ground Control Event worth 15
    > 30 worth of NOGI fight wear
    > Invite to 4 man CASH PRIZE tournament at next event! (either u80kg/ o80kg)
    > Ground Control Winner T shirt

    Beginner Division Prizes

    > All Beginners division winners will receive:
    > Free Entry Pass to Next Ground Control Event worth 15
    > Ground Control Winner T shirt

    also TROPHY for team of the tournament

    All runners up (2nd and 3rd places) will receive a free Ground Control T shirt.

    Address for venue

    114 Grosvenor Street
    Manchester, M1 (for detailed directions)

    We provide member to member insurance cover for ALL competitors through the Realistic Martial Arts Association

    20 if you pay on the day. for all details!
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    Sounds like a great comp, my only concern would be the fact that a white belt could easily go up against a purple/brown standard grappler in the advanced division.

    Is there no scope for a intermediate/1-3 year experience division?

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    I'll be there. Didnt enter last competition and the people i train with did well and i never entered due to not training and feeling like i'd do bad.

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    Ill do this!

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    how old is the junior comp up to? can 16 year olds compete in the juniors and seniors if they have less than 12months?

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    would love to have an intermediate category, and plan to, but we are only on our 4th event and are still growing.

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    can you spectate at this event?

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    yer we allow spectators!

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    Back where the old submission league used to be! Good times!

    This event MUST be the premiere nogi tournament in the country now that Gracie Invitational has been delayed at least a year? Huge turnout, properly reffed by experienced guys to a sensible rule set, decent venue, regular and frequent events... prizes even.

    Hopefully some of the magazines and/or news-sites will cover it, and even more gyms will have representation at this next one. home of TEAM KAOBON MMA/MUAYTHAI

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