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Thread: The Champions V dated Sunday Bank Holiday 3rd May

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    Default The Champions V dated Sunday Bank Holiday 3rd May

    The show will once again be held at Cedar Court Hotel (off M606) Bradford, details of which can be found on

    The bouts will take place in a 20 foot Octagen (currently utilised by Total Combat + Strike and Submit)

    The event will be filmed by a professional crew utilising three Cameras and photographed by four photographers, the photos of which will be uploaded onto

    We have seating capacity of five hundred (theatre style) and one hundred (VIP on ringside tables)

    The theatre style tickets are priced at 35.00 (which includes a copy of 'The Champions' UK Events magazine)

    The VIP tickets are priced at 60.00 (which includes a three course meal on a ringside table, a copy of 'The Champions' UK Events magazine and a twin disk dvd set of Champions IV).

    The tickets are sold on an seat allocated system, so the longer it is left, the further the customer will be sat from the cage.

    The fighters will be given a ticket deal on any tickets sold by either them or their representatives.

    All the fighters will have a write-up in the next 'The Champions' UK Events Magazine.

    I would ask fighters / coaches to make contact if they would like to compete at the event.

    I will update this thread as and when the fight card comes to fruition.

    Thank you in anticipation

    Saif Khan

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    I have had positive responce from numerous clubs re putting fighters forward for the show. My intention is to start putting out the fight list as it comes to fuition.

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    Good stuff. Looking forward to another top show

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    sounds good mate

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    Default Fight Card to date

    Semi Pro

    Sam Fergusson 19years 5'11" Team Colosseum part of Northen Cartel 84kg 1-2-0
    Qasim Shafiq 25 5'10" Team Fulinkazan 84kg 3-1-0

    Brad Conway 27years 5'9" Team Fulinkazan 77kg 1-0-0
    Paul Birkhead 27years 5'11" Farrell and Red Dragon MMA 77kg Debut

    Pro Fights

    Chris Whitehouse 27years 5'8" Team Assassin 70kg 0-1-0
    Chris Thompson 30years 5'8" Team Colosseum part of Northen Cartel 70kg 0-2-0
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    Leeroy Barnes
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    if you need a 77kg pro let me know!!
    Wolfslair MMA

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    the return of the war machine...

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    huh....why am i an independant fighter?!
    have i been dissowned already!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuntanSuperman View Post
    huh....why am i an independant fighter?!
    have i been dissowned already!
    Sorry brother. My bad. It has been amended . Good training session today.

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